Signs That Show Your Car Needs Battery Replacement

Signs That Show Your Car Needs Battery Replacement

There are several signs that shows your car needs battery replacement in UAE. One of the most common signs is a rotten egg smell. Your car may also have a check engine light that keeps flashing when you throttle it. Batteries that are more than three years old should be inspected regularly to avoid problems. A swollen or cloudy battery case is another symptom. You may also notice a problem if you notice a low coolant light or a faulty dashboard light.

If the battery has swollen or corroded:

If your battery has swollen, corroded posts, or warped, it is time to replace it. The swollen case is a telltale sign that your battery needs replacing. Excessive heat can cause a swollen battery, which will decrease its life. If you smell a pungent rotten egg smell coming from your car, then you need to replace your battery.

Slow engine cranks and low fluid level:

A slow engine crank and low fluid level are signs that your battery needs replacing. When these signs appear, your battery needs to be changed. The first step to finding out if you need to replace your car’s battery is to check its date code. You can find it on the sticker of your battery. The date code is a four-digit number or letter assigned to a specific month and year. This tells you when shipped the battery is from the factory. In some cases, additional digits tell you where the battery was made.

Age of the battery:

Another sign that your car’s battery needs to be replaced is the age of the battery. Usually, car batteries don’t last longer than four or five years. If it’s more than that, it is time for a new one. Besides, batteries are sensitive to temperature, so make sure to check them every few months. This way, you’ll know when your battery needs replacing. If you see the battery with an older date, you can take the right steps to prevent further damage.

One of the first signs of a weak battery is a swollen battery case. This is an indication of overcharging or a lack of fluid. If the battery is swollen, you should replace it right away. If your car’s engine doesn’t crank properly, your battery may need to be replaced. It’s also important to check the date of your car’s ignition.