Things that a valid will can control

Things that a valid will can control

A will is legal document that speaks for you after your death and it communicates how you want to distribute your property among your children. You can also name a guardian for your children if they have not reached to adulthood. You can also leave specific instructions for your children in your will. If you don’t know how to write will by yourself then you can also find services of writing will in UAE. However, here are few things that a valid will can control.

Selection of executor:

The executor should be the one you trust to administer the estate and follow what has written in the will. The executor also pays the estate’s debts and any other taxes if applicable. The executor is also responsible that the beneficiaries have received what was written for them in will.

Divide asset according to your desire:

This is one of the biggest advantages of preparing your will that you can divide your asset according to your desire and no one can challenge your decision.

Appointment of guardian of your children:

You can also name a legal guardian or any estate guardian for your younger children. Your guardians are the ones who will raise your children after you and they will manage the finances of your children estate. You can also appoint a successor guardian.

Care of your pets:

If you want to be cared of your pets after you then you can also appoint a person in your will who will take care of your pet.

Disinheriting of specified relatives:

If there is any relative to whom you don’t like and you want to disinherit him from your property then you can also add it in your will.

Residuary estate:

Your residual clause will also be added in the will and it is one of the most crucial matter because all of the debts will be paid from your property and the leftover property will be divided in your beneficiaries. But you must have residuary clause in your will to avoid from these sorts of issues.

Accuracy of beneficiaries:

You can also make accuracy of beneficiaries after life events. And if your family increases in your lifetime then you can also change your will in your life. If you have ex-spouse then it will not be necessary to mention about him/her as your beneficiary in your will.

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